Look Over Your Hills and Be Still

Brooke. 20. Obsessed with Doctor Who and Mumford and Sons. I'm a junior at Auburn University. I love singing, learning, fangirling over DW, and probably anything else 20 year old females enjoy doing.
You guys, you guys, you GUUUUYS. I’m having serious Doctor Who withdrawals. This. Is. Not. Good. What am I gonna dooooo till August 27th?? :(

You guys, you guys, you GUUUUYS. I’m having serious Doctor Who withdrawals. This. Is. Not. Good. What am I gonna dooooo till August 27th?? :(

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  2. immaculate-flame answered: You could watch a very potter musical and sequel 118 times.
  3. ifaliedhullabaloo answered: Go watch Sherlock! If not that, go watch Castle! Watch all the Dr who up to this point…? Um… Tumblr the fuck out of you computer?
  4. crowfoot answered: WATCH MOAR CLASSIC
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    Guys, guys, guys, there are books! And they’re not half bad!
  6. geckosexsatellite answered: Keep Calm and Cos-Play
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  8. slightlyfrumiousbandersnatch answered: Classic Series DVDs?
  9. wintermoons answered: rewatch all of series 5 and the first half of 6!
  10. sugarpunkhurricane answered: crying seems like a good option. But listening to chmaeleon circuit and reading the novels helps.
  11. runninginreverse answered: WATCH RE-RUNS! D:<
  12. baristagirl answered: re-runs.
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  20. gemblackthorn answered: *tries to answer but dissolves into tears too*
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  24. tardisdelorean answered: Watch all of Doctor Who over again. ALL OF IT. STARTING WITH HARTNELL.
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  26. deducehisheart answered: I don’t think I can help you. Why? Because I am having the same problem. The best thing you and I can do is watch reruns and D.W. Tumblr.
  27. rhubarbeque answered: rewatch every single episode starting at the pilot “the unearthly child” in traditional black and white
  28. cakelina answered: Torchwood?
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  30. booklover1990 answered: watch repeats that way you will be ready for it when it starts again
  31. wecouldstealtime answered: watch Sherlock. or re-watch it.